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 Halo-Halo (Pinoy)

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PostSubject: Halo-Halo (Pinoy)   Thu Feb 19, 2009 6:35 am


* Evaporated Milk

* Sugar

* Banana - Saba (Caramelized)

* Palm fruit or Kaong

* Coconut sport or Macapuno

* Jackfruit or Langka

* Kidney Beans - Boiled and caramelized

* Sago - Caramelized

* Nata de coco

* Purple yam or Halayang ube

* Sweet potato - Kamoteng gapang (Caramelized)

* Sweetened corn kernels

* Ice Cream - any flavor

* Leche Flan

How to prepare a Halo-Halo:

* Put all ingredients to a glass or a bowl except for the milk, ice cream, leche flan.

* Put shaved ice on the glass, pour the milk according to your taste and top it with leche flan, and ice cream.

There are other options for your ingredients; you can add crushed pinipig, bananas and even strawberries.
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Halo-Halo (Pinoy)
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